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Legendary Hustler Performance and engineering in an entry-level zero-turn mower.

Ideal for yards up to one acre.

Raptor Limited

Features upgrades like a bolstered seat with armrests, large tires, FlexForks®, hour meter.

Ideal for yards up to one acre.

Raptor SD

More features, more muscle, makes small work out of big jobs.

Ideal for yards up to three acres.

Raptor Flip-Up

Push a button to raise, lower, or adjust the deck height.

Cleaning and changing blades was never so easy.


Hustler’s top-of-the-line residential zero-turn that offers commercial-grade productivity.

Ideal for residential estates.

Fastrak SDX

Stronger, faster, tougher, with commercial-grade transmissions, upgraded custom seat and more.


Commercial zero-turn mower built for all-day, every day performance.

Super Z

High-performance zero-turn with unsurpassed strength, reliability, speed, productivity, and a warranty to match.

Super Z Hyperdrive

Industry-leading HyperDrive® System & VX4® deck technology deliver unrivaled performance.

Hustler Z Diesel

The power and precision of a Hustler, the stamina of a diesel.

Super 104

A wide-area mower with the maneuverability of a zero-turn.


Innovative and easy-to-use walk-behind featuring patented H-bar steering.

Super S

A stand-on with an exceptional compact stance for tight spaces and trailering.

Hustler MDV

Offering patented LEVELIFT® bed technology.